Key Initiatives

A key role of FNIDA will be to educate health professionals about advances from the investments in biomedical and behavioral research related to drug abuse. FNIDA will sponsor conferences, workshops and other activities to communicate scientific advances, promote health science transfer to clinical care and foster related policy development.

Congress, the administration and the public must understand the value of NIDA and its research portfolio.

FNIDA will reach out to a broad array of national and international partners. We will sponsor events designed to bring together individuals and organizations from the public and private sectors, including industry, academia and government agencies.

Celebrating the Past, Envisioning the Future
FNIDA will sponsor activities to highlight past and present research accomplishments associated with NIDA. We will underwrite museum exhibitions and special events aimed at communicating these achievements to our partners. We also will help the Institute involve its constituencies as part of the institute's strategic planning for the future.

Honoring Excellence
Each year, FNIDA will honor distinguished leaders in the scientific enterprise related to the Institutes mission.

The Friends of the National Institute on Drug Abuse was incorporated in the District of Columbia in 2004. The Friends is a membership organization of dues paying individuals and organizations who believe that scientific research is the Nation's ultimate weapon against drug abuse and is the foundation alI of our Nations drug abuse reduction efforts.